Conscious Choices

We’re doing things differently, and rewarding thoughtful travellers, like you, who choose to do things differently too. 

Become a Conscious Guest

They say travelling has the power to transform you; to reconnect, reunite and rediscover. But we know it has an impact on the planet, and it’s our responsibility to protect it together. 

Join us on our most important journey yet and earn badges and Tier Miles along the way. Together, we’ll make sure we leave the planet better than we found it.

Introducing: Conscious Choices by Etihad Guest.

From offsetting your emissions to buying products that are kinder to the planet, there are plenty of ways that you can make a difference as an Etihad Guest member. 

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Rewarding your Conscious Choices

Every time you make a conscious choice to do something good for the planet – like taking less baggage on board – you’ll earn a badge and Etihad Guest Tier Miles. 

You’ll find the badges you’ve earned in your account summary.

Ready to take the first step? Choose to receive a digital kit when you’re eligible and earn a Digital Adopter badge and 500 Tier Miles. You’ll still get the same benefits, but everything you need will be digital, and you can access your membership card on the Etihad Guest app.

Less baggage, fewer emissions

Did you know, that for every 5kg less baggage you carry on board, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions by 5%? With Conscious Choices, you’ll be rewarded every time you pack a bit lighter on board.

As well as bonus Tier Miles, there are three baggage badges to earn. Carry less than 15kg of baggage and earn a Perfect Packer badge. Pick a hand baggage only fare and earn a Green Fare badge. Or pack like a pro and take no checked baggage at all to earn a Lite Traveller badge.

Can you earn them all?

Products that protect the planet

From bamboo toothbrushes and zero-waste toothpaste tablets, to solid face washes and reusable water bottles; shop guilt-free in our Reward Shop and earn badges and miles too. Just look for the green triangle.

We're committed to preserving the planet for future generations and inspiring travellers to explore the world responsibly through cleaner aviation initiatives and partnerships.

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